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Family, Fantasy

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The second film for the successful Galis assembly known from the Israeli teen hit TV series. This time jonathan gets to tour to a parallel world full of fun , shopping and gaming which rolled by an eccentric entrepreneur with hidden motivation.

Feature film by: Assaf Korman (Next to her)

Year of Production: 2015

Supported by: Dori Media Paran, The children's channel, United King films, Rabinowitz film fund, channel 10

Israel distributer: United King films, Dori Media Paran


Drama, Suspanse

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Avner's wife has a lover. He secretly records their phone conversations, turning into a spy in his own house. When his wife dies in an accident, all he is left with are the tapes. Obsessively listening to them, Avner tries to discover the lover's identity. The search will make him doubt everything he thought was certain.

Feature film by: Amikam Kovner, Assaf Snir

Cast: Yael Abecasis, Yoram Toledano, Tzhai Halevi

Year of Production: 2016

Supported by: The Israeli Film Fund, Dori Media Paran, The jerusalem International Film LAB, The HAIFF marketing forum, Berlin talent campus

Films in production



Sami’s soul is under siege. The wall he has built around his heart starts coming apart when another, more tangible wall, is built around the village of his birth.

Feature film by: Eran Kolin (The Band's visit)

Based on: Sayed's Kashoa's novel

Year of Production: 2017

In co-production with: Les Films du Poisson-France

Supported by: CNC world fund, Israel film fund, Channel 10



When Yakov Cohen’s daughter was expelled from school, he decided to establish a parallel institution. He had no knowledge, no money, no connections and no PR but he had the strong will to take action that would allow him and other Sephardic Jews to hold their heads up high. He brought two friends along, and they started the first ethnic political group in Israel . Today, the Sfarad’s Guards political party– is an empire, an institution, even a brand with significant implications to society. Yakov Cohen, is still working at his printing house at the Bukharan Quarter in the heart of Jerusalem city.

Feature film by: Eliran Malca

Year of Production: 2017

Supported by: Israel film fund, The Jerusalem film fund, Gesher fund

Films in development


A Comic peace - thriller

Under the shadow of a personal tragedy, A Canadian peace activist from the fringes of the “peace industry”, takes on the responsibility of bringing a kidnapped soldier home by negotiating a prisoners exchange with a terrorist organization.

Based on: The Negotiator: Freeing Gilad Schalit from Hamas by Gershon Baskin

Development by: Dori Media paran with Yuval Adler (Bethlehem) and Yoav shutan Goshen

Language: English, Arabic, Hebrew


A Zionist horror

In the year 1935, Josef, an ambitious doctor from Berlin. Arrives to a desolate village in a swampy valley in Northern Palestine. The doctor sturggels to save the village from Malaria epidemic that is spreafing over the valley. His foucus shifts when he meets a 14 year old girl who suffers from an unknown disease and is believed by her family to be possessed by demons. They bond in a dangerous liaision that makes Josef cross lines of morality and interfes with nature.

Feature film by: Itamar Alcalay

Language: German, Hebrew

Development supported by: Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg (MBB), The Israel film fund


Drama, Thriller

The last day of the Space Shuttle Columbia, chronicles the events surrounding the crash and  perished of its crew only16 minutes before landing. Based in part on the story of Ilan Ramon the first and only Israeli Astronaut who went to space. The film is following the lives of several characters both in and out the space sheep, who are unaware of what is about to unfold.

Development by: Dori Media paran with Ari Folman

Language: English, Hebrew


A coming of age sea adventure

Israel’s soccer team has won a crucial match and has a chance to reach the world cup! However, due to the security situation in Israel it is decided to shift the championship final to thenearby island of Cyprus. Four adolescent kids (3 boys and a girl), who are diehard soccer fans, are not going to miss this game for anything in the world! Inspired by the mythological journey of Kon-Tiki, they manage to construct a DIY raft on their own and cross a stretch of the Mediterranean sea to get to the fateful match. The journey is not going to be easy and will test their friendship, love and even their lives. It will prove to be an adventure of a lifetime - If they make it alive.. and on time!

Script by: Amikam Kovner, Daniel Kotz

Language: Hebrew

The Yassin Family and Lucy in the Sky

Nadia and Salim Yassin, an Israeli-Arab Moslem couple, residents of a small Galilean village, have been waiting 3 years to adopt a baby. Instead, they get a 13 year old Jewish foster kid who has trouble eating and communicates through songs by the Beatles. The difficulties in raising the child cause a rift between Nadia and Salim. When the boy is kidnapped from their home by religious envoys on behalf of the biological father, the couple reconnects and set out on an undaunting journey to find him.

Based on: Daniela Carmi's novel, The Yassin Family and Lucy in the Sky

Screenplay: Daniela Carmi

Director: Julie Shles

Devoloped by: Daniel Paran



90 minutes - Adventures. Kids.

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The Galis assembly, known from the Israeli teen hit TV series, arrives at Astra, and gets swept into a whirlwind of challenges in light of an ancient prophecy that threatens to bring the world to an apocalypse

Director: Oded Raz

Script: David Dahan and Ido Dror

Producers: Dori Media Paran, The Children's Channel

Funding: Dori Media Paran, The Children's Channel, Rabinowitz Film Fund

Israel distributor: United King, Dori Media Paran

Theatrical release on 15.8.2014, Number one at the box office

Seeking for: Distribution, World sales


Family, Fantasy

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Ancient legends warn children about the ABULELE, enormous, furry and sometimes dangerous monsters who are able to hide among the human race by making themselves invisible except to special children who are in need of a friend. In this heartfelt family film, ADAM, a young boy grieving from the loss of his brother, discovers an Abulele living in his building. But when Adam realizes that it is not the Abulele but the humans who are the real monsters, he risks everything to save his friendly giant.

Feature film by: Jonathan Geva

Year of Production: 2015

Children's Jury Main Prize for Best Feature Film for Children at Zlin International Film Festival
Ecumenical Jury Award at Zlin International Film Festival

Audience Award: Golden Apple for Best Feature Film at Zlin International Film Festival
Films Critics Union Artistic Achievement Award
Discovery of the Year Award at the Ophirs (the Israeli Academy Awards)

Israel distributer: United King films, Dori Media Paran

World sales: Epic Pictures